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Group Counseling

Group Counseling


Group counseling is a form of therapy which posits that people benefit from shared experiences. Usually group counseling is focused on a particular issue, for example, peer pressure/bullying or raising healthy teenagers. While a therapist usually manages group therapy, contributions from the members in the group and support of each other in the group enhance the success of the group. It has been found that assembling people with similar issues and knowing that other people share these concerns is not any only comforting, but extremely powerful in accomplishing the results that the individuals in the group long for.


Individual Counseling


"Counseling is a learning process in which individuals learn about themselves and their interpersonal relationships, and enact behaviors that advance their development." - Sherzer and Stone, 1981.It is Robin-Gershon-Halpern's goal to assist individuals to resolve conflict, develop improved communication strategies and manage the stressors and demands of their lives. This can in turn promote healthy relationships, develop a positive self esteem and alleviate the pain in their lives. Through supportive counseling this can be achieved.


Educational Consultation


Assist with academic advisement and issues related to coping with stress for regular education and special education students.Will review IEPs and assist with advocacy, understanding the needs of the child, obtaining services, adjusting to the changes in the family and provide support for the student and the family as a whole.difficult process. A great deal of exploration, support and action can help your child feel good again, be successful and bring harmony back into the precious home.


The Following
Groups are Forming

Parental Support

Assisting parents with the pressures of raising balanced,
healthy, productive teens/children.

Pre-Teen and Teen Support

Assisting pre-teens and teens with school pressures, social interaction, peer pressure, and bullying. 

Substance Usage/Abuse Support

Assisting adults, teens & families with substance usage/abuse issues.

Groups will be held weekly for 1 hour and a half


in Short Hills, NJ. Groups will be limited in size from 4-8 participants. Groups will run from 6-8 weeks. Groups will be age appropriate.

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