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Educational Consultation

Parent education is provided to parents who are concerned about their child's education, behavior, and or emotionality. Due to her dual Masters Degrees in both Education and Psychology, Robin Gershon-Halpern is uniquely qualified to explore with parents the various issues that tend to overlap, and make it difficult to understand why their child is struggling. By exploring all of the aforementioned avenues it becomes apparent which directions need intervention in order for the child to reach their potential.


Should it appear that the struggle is with academics, Robin Gershon-Halpern has a child study team to perform evaluations. Robin herself will guide you through the process and advocate for your child's needs with the family and with the school system. Should it appear that struggle is with behavior, Robin Gershon-Halpern will assist the family with a behavioral plan. Should it appear that the struggle is with emotionality, Robin Gershon-Halpern will help the family to explore possible reasons for the distress and assist them in coping with the discomfort. More positive interactions should occur and the emotionality will begin to subside.


Watching your child struggle is a very difficult process. A great deal of exploration, support and action can help your child feel good again, be successful and bring harmony back into the precious home.


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