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Dr. L. Hanes & Associates
Lori Hanes, Ed. D, Director

Robin Halpern is a dedicated and compassionate professional who has the ability to relate to clients from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.  Her knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in guiding and helping others in times of crisis.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with Robin on a number of cases involving grade school students and their parents.  Robin has always brought  patience, respect, understanding and support to these families in their time of need.  I confidently recommend Robin as a caring and valuable expert in her field.         

Thomas Matthews
Seaside Park Elementary / Vice Principal, MPTCS

Robin Halpern has always gone above and beyond what she has been asked to do.  In fact, she often takes the initiative to do what she has not been asked or expected to do.  If your district is seeking a school counselor who is dependable, trustworthy, likeable, diligent and effective, Robin Halpern is a candidate worthy of your consideration.  The bottom line is that Ms. Halpern has an extremely positive effect wherever she is.

Ms. Halpern is extremely personable and approachable while being very professional.  Robin's elementary and middle school counseling experience and strong knowledge base proved her to be an invaluable asset to the school where we worked together. I hold Robin Halpern in the highest regard.

 Birdean R. Clinton
Assistant Director of Curriculum PK-3
c/o Barak Obama School - Asbury Park, NJ

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Robin Halpern.  Mrs. Halpern worked at the Marion P. Thomas Charter School for 5 years. Mrs. Halpern worked under my direct supervision for the last two years. Robin was extremely competent in balancing all of her responsibilities while working with challenging numbers of very needy children and their families. Mrs. Halpern has an unlimited amount of energy, and always goes above and beyond the call of duty; always available to help out.

Mrs. Halpern is very likable, puts people at ease and very easy to work with. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Mrs. Halpern as a family counselor at all levels, as she is very intelligent and well educated with dual Masters’ degrees in both education and counseling psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.


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